Maj. General Says Proof Needed: Day 39 – Feb 27, 2009

Now three United States military members agree to participate in suit challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Maj. Gen. Childers joins Lt. Easterling, and an as yet unnamed soldier, in a petition for declaratory judgment….Leo Donofrio warns against placing soldiers in jeopardy..

World Net Daily via Drudge Report:

On the heels of two active duty members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq calling for President Obama to prove his eligibility to be president, a retired major general has agreed to join the case, saying he just wants “the truth.”

Retired Major General Carroll D. Childers… (agrees) …”to be a plaintiff in the legal action to be filed by Orly Taitz, Esq. in a petition for a declaratory judgment (sic) that Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified to be president of the U.S., nor to be commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces, in that I am or was a sworn member of the U.S. military (subject to recall)”…General Childers minces no words here; he declares…

“What I really want is the truth; is Obama a natural born citizen of the United States. If not a natural born citizen, America has been defrauded and then we would be stuck with Joe Biden whose only redeeming attribute is that he is probably not a communist.”

The war of words concerning the Obama eligibility continues; the Childers remarks come after the Alan Keyes accusation (see previous post) that Obama is a “radical communist”.

A cautionary note to members of the U.S. military has been sounded by Attorney Leo C. Donofrio. Late last year Donofrio brought Natural Born Citizen actions before the Supreme Court. At his site Natural Born Citizen Donofrio says today:

The recent events chronicled in this blog pertaining to active military plaintiffs and the unnecessary jeopardy they have now been subjected to ANGERED me greatly. That doesn’t mean I believe the attorney (Orly Taitz) was operating with wrong intentions. Sometimes in ones zeal to fight, emotions cloud judgment and mistakes are made…..I feel a groundswell of opposition coming from the military regarding the well known issues of whether or not Obama is a natural born citizen Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS. And because I feel that the level of legal education being forwarded to our military as to this issue has been less than stellar, I have decided to present two educational legal templates to the military community via this blog…..Please note that I am NOT counseling any military as to whether they should join a law suit to challenge Obama’s Presidential eligibility. I would STRONGLY counsel against their doing so.

Ret. Maj. Gen. Carroll D. Childers

Ret. Maj. Gen. Carroll D. Childers


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3 Responses to “Maj. General Says Proof Needed: Day 39 – Feb 27, 2009”

  1. sp macdonald Says:

    Childers, Easterling remind me of a lifelong welfare recipients who refuse a job at McDonalds, or anywhere else, because it’s beneath them. These service members are pathetic crybabies having a fit because their side didn’t win the election. Wrapping yourself in a fallacy under the guise of defending the constitution is the same as living off taxpayers because you weren’t offered the job you want. Losers or kooks, it doesn’t matter, suck it up and accept the will of the voter or quit (I’m sure the army can survive fine without them).

  2. robert rowan Says:

    Childers, Easterling et.a. remind me of heroes in the truest of forms. It is not the “will of the people” who determines eligibilty! It is the constitution! Our military takes an oath to uphold the constitution, not to obey a fraudelent/traitor as resident Obama. So far the Obama handlers have graciously posted a BOGUS certification of live birth – FACT! Second, they have posted a BOGUS selective service document..
    see Debbie Obama brags about his ancestor who helped the Jews escape Hitlers regime – Total proven B. S. Now Obama wants his own MILLION MAN CIVILLIAN ARMY just like Hitler! Obama spends millions defending himself against anyone who merely wants to verify a certified birth certificate that costs $15.00 at best! Go to “” Dr. Orly Taitz will set you straight!
    Our entire military had to show their Birth Certificate except one guy…
    namely BARRY SOETORO aka BARAK OBAMA. and the liberals say so what? That, in itself, speaks volumns about their patriotism.

  3. steadyjohn Says:

    Thanks Robert Rowan for setting the record straight!

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