Congress & SCOTUS Fraud Complicit: Day 23 – February 11, 2009

Obama and McCain Both Constitutionally Ineligible. Precedent Set by Allowing Obama Usurpation Will Plague Nation’s Future. The People Must Act to Restore Our Constitution. Obama Must Be Exposed!

Today’s post is a letter from blogger Zapem in response to yesterday’s (Day 22) post

It’s too bad that World Net Daily doesn’t do an article on the actual history of S.R. 511. It shows the people the truth about the unconstitutional agenda at work here.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo makes the argument that the Senate investigated John McCain, but not Barack Obama and asks the question why.

I ask the question why they were allowed to get away with what they did when the bill McCaskill (and co-sponsored by Obama, Clinton, etc.) FIRST sponsored, S. 2678, failed. It failed because NO ONE can legislate a single person’s born status, that’s why it failed. The follow-up done 5 weeks later that they tried to pull, with S.R. 511 was not a law, but the media presented it to the public as if it was a law and that’s corruption, plain and simple. It was a lie and a very BOLD lie at that. We’ve proven that much.

The bottom line is, the Senate, the Congress, and Obama and McCain themselves , all knew early on that neither were eligible to run for POTUS. The entire activity in the Senate proves that there was an attempt to circumvent the constitution. It further proves that if McCain was eligible there would have been no need to try to legislate him into an eligible status. The truth is, there was a reason and that reason was, he wasn’t eligible.

Furthermore, S.R. 511 tries to say that McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. McCain’s long form birth certificate proves he was not. That makes S.R. 511 moot as it contends he was born in one place and his actual certificate says he was born in another. This presents an even further problem for Obama. It shows that what’s on a short-form birth certificate isn’t always what is found in the details that can only be provided on the long-form birth certificate. We see that contradiction with McCain’s birth certificates. What we haven’t seen are Obama’s birth certificates. A certification is not a certificate and it certainly doesn’t contain the details a long-form certificate does as was proven with with John McCain.

Obama claims he’s entitled to hide them. The constitution claims he is not. The U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t know what to do and is passing the buck every chance they get for fear of the scandal it would cause. A scandal, because if you look into the history of what congress was doing to covering this up, how much faith would the country have in their elected leaders? How much faith would the rest of the world have knowing said corruption exists? It’s either true or it isn’t true what they have done.

The biggest cover up lies with the officials in Hawaii. They are the ones perpetuating a lie and they know it. But when the truth comes out, and it will, they will be held responsible as well as the congress.

This is not going to go away, even if the media plays chicken little like the courts have. The people should be outraged. While it may put their favorite sweet-talker in the office today, what are they going to say when the same thing is pulled tomorrow and they don’t like that guy? All of a sudden, they will want to cling to their Constitution, which has now been usurped. Do they even understand what type of precedent has been set? That a mere website called Factcheck can dictate who is eligible to run the entire country? It’s absurd!

I intend on telling them they should have thought about their Constitution when they were happily believing that circumventing it was the way to go because they were partisan blind. Circumventing the Constitution leaves the people with no rights, just as we have seen with these bailouts that are bankrupting the country. They aren’t listening to the people because the people aren’t listening to their Constitution. And that’s the only thing that will save them from a corrupted government that intended to cheat them no matter who they voted for. Both John McCain and Barack Obama engaged in unconstitutional and illegal behavior and they know it. So did the people who perpetuated this lie.

This is not over. Not by a long shot. As much as they’d like to keep sweeping it under the carpet and robbing the people like they are right now. Perhaps the people are blind and stupid to the facts. But when they have no money left at all, then they might see it. They’ve been warned. All they have to do is go back and look at the record because the media isn’t going to do it for them and the courts can’t be bothered.
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Congress-SCOTUS Fraud Complicit


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7 Responses to “Congress & SCOTUS Fraud Complicit: Day 23 – February 11, 2009”

  1. stophate Says:

    President Obama doesn’t have anything prove. Not one of the bogus cases against the President has ever been able to move forward because they are fraudulent cases that have no merit in law or justice. What needs to be investigated are the people behind these fraudulent cases. President Obama was elected by a landslide. The people have spoken. The only reason the conservative movement makes an issue with non-issues like this is because they have nothing to offer to the American people. They found out the hard way that corporations, the rich and special interest don’t have enough votes to win an election. Maybe next time the conservatives will take more of an interest in the American people.

  2. smrstrauss Says:

    Here is what our 44th President said on Feb. 12th, 2009.

    …(I)t is a great honor to be here — a place where Lincoln served, was inaugurated, and where the nation he saved bid him a last farewell. As we mark the bicentennial of our 16th President’s birth, I cannot claim to know as much about his life and works as many who are also speaking today, but I can say that I feel a special gratitude to this singular figure who in so many ways made my own story possible — and in so many ways made America’s story possible.

    It is fitting that we are holding this celebration here at the Capitol, for the life of this building is bound ever so closely to the times of this immortal President. Built by artisans and craftsmen, but also immigrants and slaves — it was here, in the rotunda, that Union soldiers received help from a makeshift hospital; it was downstairs, in the basement, that they were baked bread to give them strength; and it was in the Senate and House chambers where they slept at night and spent some of their days.

    What those soldiers saw when they looked on this building was a very different sight than the one we see today, for it remained unfinished until the end of the war. The laborers who built the dome came to work wondering each day whether that would be their last; whether the metal they were using for its frame would be requisitioned for the war and melted down into bullets. But each day went by without any orders to halt construction, and so they kept on working and kept on building.

    When President Lincoln was finally told of all the metal being used here, his response was short and clear: That is as it should be. The American people needed to be reminded, he believed, that even in a time of war, the work would go on; the people’s business would continue; that even when the nation itself was in doubt, its future was being secured; and that on that distant day, when the guns fell silent, a national capitol would stand, with a statue of freedom at its peak, as a symbol of unity in a land still mending its divisions.

    It is this sense of unity, this ability to plan for a shared future even at a moment where our nation was torn apart, that I reflect on today. And while there are any number of moments that reveal that particular side of this extraordinary man, Abraham Lincoln — that particular aspect of his leadership — there’s one that I’d like to share with you today.

    In the war’s final weeks, aboard Grant’s flagship, The River Queen, President Lincoln was asked what was to be done with the rebel armies once General Lee surrendered. With victory at hand, Lincoln could have sought revenge. He could have forced the South to pay a steep price for their rebellion. But despite all the bloodshed and all the misery that each side had exacted upon the other, and despite his absolute certainty in the rightness of the cause of ending slavery, no Confederate soldier was to be punished, Lincoln ordered. They were to be treated, as he put it, “liberally all round.” What Lincoln wanted was for Confederate troops to go back home and return to work on their farms and in their shops. He was even willing, he said, to “let them have their horses to plow and their guns to shoot crows with.”

    That was the only way, Lincoln knew, to repair the rifts that had torn this country apart. It was the only way to begin the healing that our nation so desperately needed. What Lincoln never forgot, not even in the midst of civil war, was that despite all that divides us — north and south, black and white — we were, at heart, one nation and one people, sharing a bond as Americans that could bend but would not break.

    And so even as we meet here today, in a moment when we are far less divided than in Lincoln’s day, but when we are once again debating the critical issues of our time — and debating them sometimes fiercely — let us remember that we are doing so as servants of the same flag, as representatives of the same people, and as stakeholders in a common future. That is the most fitting tribute we can pay — the most lasting monument we can build — to that most remarkable of men, Abraham Lincoln. Thank you.

  3. steadyjohn Says:

    “….just words…” (Mass. Gov Patrick Deval but borrowed by Obama). But, as Rush Limbaugh says, it’s not what Obama says but how he says it.

    And so even as we meet here today, in a moment when we are far less divided than in Lincoln’s day, but when we are once again debating the critical issues of our time — and debating them sometimes fiercely

    Really, far less divided than in Lincoln’s day? Really, when we are once again debating the critical issues of out time? Pelosi, Reid and the gang shut the Republicans out of the debate on the Porkulus Bill. That doesn’t sound like fierce debate to me.

  4. stophate Says:

    I believe the Republican Party shut themselves out of the debate. They voted on the stimulus package straight down the party line. Not one Republican vote for the House Bill. And with the Republican walking away from the Commerce Secretary cabinet post it further removes the Conservative Movement from the people. It seems the Republican Party is becoming more and more irrelevant at its own peril. There seems to be only one group of people trying to something to jump start the economy. President Bush’s lack of leadership steered us into this crisis and now the Republicans have basically washed their hands of this mess. Many conservatives have spoken out that they hope the plan will fail. I think that’s an all or nothing poker hand that the conservatives can’t afford to lose. They forget that while they play the partisan hate game, the American people will make the economy work with or without government intervention. Looks like the conservative movement is headed for the scrap pile.

  5. steadyjohn Says:

    First, don’t confuse the Republican Party with the conservative movement as they are not one and the same. Our Senate Republicans are a mixed bag of staunch conservatives, centrists, and a few Rinos, the worst of which batch (Specter,Snowe,Collins), sold out the country last evening.

    Savvy Republicans have washed their hands of this mess because that’s what it is, a mess created by Democrats (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd mainly) who encouraged the reckless mortgage lending that created the debacle. Not to mention the economic terrorism of Sept 11, 2008, details of which are just starting to emerge. But, more on that later.

    One can only hope that the plan will fail; the hope is that it happens before too much damge is done to the country. There is no hate game here stophate, the American people could have made the economy work without government intervention. But it may be too late now.

  6. stophate Says:

    steadyjohn said:
    “First, don’t confuse the Republican Party with the conservative movement as they are not one and the same. ”

    Actually Republicans are the elected leaders of the conservative movement. Unfortunately the people that elected them got duped. President Bush was the architect of the largest expansion of government since WWII. He started an unsuccessful preemptive war and created an 11 trillion dollar deficit. And all the Republican duckies got right in a row to support him. They are doing the same thing now. Except now its the conservatives, the rich, the corporations and special interests against the American people. If don’t know who will win, than you are in denial.

  7. steadyjohn Says:

    stophate: I would say that the majority of true conservatives have been just as fed up with the Republicans as with the Democrats. I agree that the non-military spending by Republicans during the the Bush 43 years was a disaster. That is why so many conservatives are not aligned with the Republican Party. In fact conservatives shunned the last general election in droves. Those conservatives who voted for the Republican candidate (this writer included) did so out of despair in considering the alternative(s). As to the Iraq war, do you deny that it is in fact a success? Are you not thankful that George W. Bush kept us safe for those 8 years since Sept. 11, 2001? I am afraid it is you who are mired in the darkness of denial. To define conservatives as the rich, the corporations and special interests is way off the mark; that does not begin to describe patriotic, conservative Americans.

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