Donofrio Stands Down, Declares Truce: Day 13 – Feb1, 2009

With “Good luck, Obama. If you’re going to change something, then change the cult. You aint “the One”, but try to be a good President. The standard for being a good President isn’t very high”, Leo C. Donofrio leaves the field of usurpation litigation. Others must now renew the struggle to save the Constitution

One hardly knows what to make of Donofrio’s harrowing tale of harassment and deceit by the forces (he calls them “the cult”) aligned against him:

I had previously felt the evil operate against my case in the NJ Appellate Division where I experienced sabotage I never thought possible. I felt the full force and power of the cult as it tried to stop my case from having proper procedural ground to move on to SCOTUS.

…In the days leading up to Nov. 3, 2008… my cell phone and that of a family member were subjected to treachery that only somebody with serious power could have accomplished. Because of the dual attacks upon my sanity, I came to Washington D.C. with fear in my heart, but I was not about to stop. Nothing short of a bullet was going to stop me from filing that application on Nov. 3, 2008…..

He describes his trip to the SCOTUS and his encounter along the way with armed agents:

I had my electronic passport in my sneaker. I walked into Union Station to purchase a $35 trolley ticket and probably set off an RFID tracker.

I waited outside of Union Station for the trolley. At approximately 2:45 PM, just after I had purchased my ticket inside the station, I was sitting next to a white homeless man with a grey beard in his 50’s. He had two shopping carts full of clothes, food, radio etc., apparently his life possessions. We were the only two people sitting on this stone circle just outside the station. Suddenly, the homeless man starts gibbering some kind of weird code. He sounded like this,

“Echo one four two seven, target is in the building, repeat target is in the building…”

Then he paused and I looked up and a big SUV had pulled up right next to us, and two BIG mofos in yellow gold shirts got out of the SUV, opened the back door and started putting on body armor and packing mega heat… all the while they are scouring the area for the “target”…..

There’s much more that I am sure will bring Leo’s detractors out of the woodwork questioning his sanity. He signs off with:

Beware of charlatans.

Much love to all. And I mean all.

Leo Donofrio Stands Down


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One Response to “Donofrio Stands Down, Declares Truce: Day 13 – Feb1, 2009”

  1. Gerald Mann Says:

    This jus goes to show justice and indeed the United States Constitution can be bought if you have enough money , O.J. Simpson, G.W. Bush and now Obama is proof of that fact. We all know without a shadow of doubt O. J. killed his wife, G. W. Bush not only killed over 2000 servicemen fighting the wrong enemy and started his war with lies, not to mention commiting tresion by outing a C I A intelligance officer because they wouldn’t go along with his lies, No comes Obama who has more aliases then mose convicted criminals. Who was born in Kenya , Africa which, the last time I looked was not in the United States. No one has even made him produce a valid birth cirtificate, Seems to me someone should do some checking and when it is proven he is not supose to be in any ofdfice he along with his wife and all thoes on the Supreme Court for Constitutional Violations…..

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